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    Buy bimatoprost calgary, bimatoprost 350mg pills cheap

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    Can you check your own eye pressure? Many people are familiar with the tests eye doctors use to detect and monitor glaucoma, including tonometry, which measures pressure within the eye. Doctors do it with an instrument that puts a small amount of pressure on the cornea using a tiny probe or puff of air.
    Does high eye pressure always mean glaucoma? Increased eye pressure means you are at risk for glaucoma, but does not mean you have the disease. A person has glaucoma only if the optic nerve is damaged. If you have increased eye pressure but no damage to the optic nerve, you do not have glaucoma. However, you are at risk.
    What is the new treatment for glaucoma? The latest glaucoma treatments This drug helps lower intraocular pressure by increasing the drainage of fluid (aqueous humor) from the eye. Rhopressa is part of a new class of drugs used to treat glaucoma called rho kinase inhibitors.


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