Homemade hamster cage

hamster cage homemade

You have just bought a small hamster as a pet. You can of course buy a cage for your small animal or try to make one.

Are you interested in making a nice little house for your hamster?  Here are some ideas for a homemade cage that you can easily make yourself at home.

Piece of equipment transformed into a hamster house

Wow, how about this idea of turning a simple dresser into a home for ? A great example of an IKEA hacking type DIY project. How do you like this idea ?

A hamster cage made from bins

If you don’t want to buy a cage for your hamster you can use storage bins to build a house yourself. You certainly have some at home, so you can use them to build a good homemade cage for your lovely hamster.

Take a look at the picture below for inspiration and make your own hamster cage.

*source: hamstercentral

A large acrylic tank for a homemade cage

Cages can be broadly divided into “wire cage type” and “water tank type”. The general wire mesh type can bite the mesh and cause problems with teeth and health, and can also drag limbs through the wire mesh. In addition, climbing can lead to a fall accident, so it is not really recommended.

The aquarium-type cage cannot chew or climb on the net, so hamsters can live safely without fear of injury. Even in the aquarium type, a lightweight, crack-resistant acrylic aquarium is recommended. It is easy to check the inside and it is also interesting to note the excellent thermal and acoustic insulation. However, in summer there is a disadvantage in the aquarium type, such as lack of breathability, smell and heat are stored, and pulleys and water supply stations are designed, so you will have to design this.

A homemade cage for Hamster In an old plastic bowl


A cardboard maze as a homemade cage for your hamster

source : rabbitonline.net

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