Should I give Candy to my hamster ?

Candy hamster

Commercial sweets

Generally, the only candies on the market that are not bad for hamsters are dried fruits and vegetables. However, dried fruits are very sweet, so do not give more than once a week or even less.

Other sweets generally contain a lot of sugar, fat and honey. They are bad for your hamster’s health.

Bread is very dangerous for hamsters and it does not help them. I would advise against giving them any. Your hamster may be at risk of intestinal obstruction. Bread, cereal bars and products containing honey are dangerous for the health of hamsters too.

What to give ?

To satisfy your hamster, you can offer him several things:

Giving him by hand the parts of his mixture he prefers, it is by far the best solution to avoid unbalancing his diet.

Give it 2/3 fat seeds per day (tournesli, pumpkin, walnut pieces, hazelnut tips…)

Give him live or dried insects (see the “Needs” page for quantities)

Give him greenery or fresh vegetables

Give him dried vegetables (or fruit)

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