The Best Hamster Cages

Hamster Cages

There are several possible habitat types for hamsters. There are the traditional cages, but also terrariums, aquariums, and it is even possible to arrange a special hamster compartment in a library or piece of furniture!

Whatever type of home you choose; it should be placed in a room with a window. Hamsters set their rhythm of life according to the sunrise and sunset. It should be placed in a room without too much humidity (avoid the bathroom!) and without any particular smell (avoid rooms where there are smokers, as well as kitchens). The hamster must be quiet during the day to be able to sleep peacefully.

Bar cages

Bar cages are well ventilated, this is an advantage, but it can also become a disadvantage because the hamster can be easily exposed to draughts. The main disadvantage of this type of cage is that, generally, their tank is shallow. This does not allow a lot of litter to be put in. Some bar cages are very high. Falls of more than 40 cm can be fatal for hamsters. It is therefore advisable to add a full floor if your cage is more than 50-60 cm high.

Plexiglas cages

Plexiglas cages make possible to put a good layer of litter. They are rather complicated to arrange, because it is difficult to add floors while keeping good air circulation, and there are few possibilities to hang objects. Plexiglas helps to avoid draughts, but it can also prevent air from circulating well.

Team’s choice

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  • Durable, safe and comfortable habitat for hamsters
  • Satisfies hamster’s natural need to explore and hide
  • Easy to clean and designed to provide excellent air circulation
  • Allows easy connection to other habit rail items using our patented lock connectors (sold separately)
  • Price : $27.34

Cages half full / half bar

The half-plexi / half-barrel cages combine the advantages and disadvantages of the two previous cages. Often, their bins do not allow much litter to be put in. They provide good ventilation while leaving the hamster room to protect itself from draughts. To my knowledge, there is no cage of this type suitable for Syrians, as they all have pipes less than 7 cm in diameter.

The terra-cages

Terracing cages are cages that have a large transparent bin. These cages are very interesting because they allow you to put a lot of litter, while keeping a good ventilation. Be careful, some of these cages have rung floors. Hamsters can get hurt because their legs can pass through them. It is therefore advisable to cover them (be careful, raise them so that the air can circulate in the terrarium part too!).

Team’s choice

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  • The cage comes with lots of accessories including tunnels, exercise wheel, two houses, a penthouse, a water bottle and more.
  • The hamster heaven metro cage lets you build a heavenly home for your hamster. The cage measures 80 cm x 50 cm x 50 cm with 9.5 mm bar spacing.
  • The large lower area ensures your pet will have lost of frolicking and tunneling fun.
  • EASY TO MOVE : the cage comes with two large handles so you can move the cage to any location. The large door gives you easy access to your hamster.
  • The cage is proudly made in Belgium. Additional tubes are available to customize your hamster house.

The bin-cages

The bin-cages are made from a transparent plastic storage box.  It is an economical solution, it is possible to find fairly large boxes at 15 $.  All you have to do is make a mesh cover.  You can put a lot of litter in it, which is an advantage.  On the other hand, the temperature inside the cage should be regularly monitored because the plastic holds the heat.

The aquariums

That can be the best home of your hamster. The advantage of aquariums is that they can be found at a second-hand gift price. Their disadvantage is that the opening is on top. So you have to grab the hamster from above, which is not very reassuring for him. However, if done gently, it is not a problem


Terrariums are often expensive. They can be made of wood, glass or plexi. Unlike aquariums, they can be opened from the front.

Team’s choice

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  • Habitat that provides everything you need for safely housing a small animal
  • Safe, well ventilated and comfortable
  • Kit includes a balcony with a full wire cage with clear plastic bottom, an access ramp, tip proof food dish, a drip proof water bottle, and hay guard
  • No tools required; Assembles in minutes using four easy to use plastic clips
  • Measures 37.8 inches length x 22.4 inches width x 22 inches height

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