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Hamster names

Having a hamster at home for the first time is a good opportunity to let your imagination run wild and choose an original and fun name that will highlight his physical features and personality. Each member of your family has a name. Your hamster should have one too. The possibilities are endless and you may be tempted to choose a classic name but on hamster boss, we decided to help you a little by selecting several names so that you can have fun by choosing the most particular and adapted name to your new mustache friend.

We have several ideas to suggest to you! Read this article from Hamster Boss and discover our list of original names for hamsters! You will necessarily find your happiness and that of your pet!

That’s it! That’s it! It’s time to find a nice name that matches your hamster’s personality! If it is funny, gentle, curious and intelligent, it will need a small name in harmony with these characteristics. It’s worth it to have a unique and original name, don’t you think?

To start, here are some names of unisex hamsters :

Corn : If your hamster has a blond/yellow coat, is small and round like a grain of corn, and you would eat it so cute it is, look no further!

Peach : If his coat is as soft as a peach skin. Perfect! Perfect!  So if your hamster is colorful and soft as a peach, you’ve found it!

Disco : If your hamster turns so much on itself that you have the impression that it dances and has a shiny coat like a front ball, Disco is made for it!

Sushi : “I’ll eat it raw”, ah it’s so cute? If your hamster has black, white and another color in addition to being chewable (all raw), then Sushi is perfect!

Panda : Your hamster is a reduced and rodent version of a bear? He is black and white, soft, adorable and you want to hug him like a teddy bear (don’t do it too suddenly!)? So, welcome Panda!

Original names for female hamsters

Although there are many options, we have made a selection of some original names for female hamsters. According to his appearance, character and personality, choose the one that suits you best:

Lily : The perfect name for a very clean and nice little hamster. Lily has a good character and gets along well with all the family members; she loves fruits and vegetables, she looks more elongated than round.

Mamma Mia : Fan of the song and/or this popular Italian expression? All in one! Perfect for your favorite pet!

Amy : Amy is your son’s best hamster friend. Every time he comes home from school, all he asks is if he can go play with Amy? Amy is her friend and here is the perfect name for a beautiful budding friendship.

Lens : Lens is round, brown and very cute. She is more or less in the shape of a lens and loves to blend into her environment like a chameleon by hiding under the ground or sand.

Flame : She plays and has fun all the time and is reluctant to sleep when it is late at night. She’s cunning and very playful.

Maca : Its real formal name is “Macadamia Nuts” but as we found it far too long, Maca will do very well.

Original names for a male hamster

Your hamster is a male, so here is a list of some original names for a male hamster, depending on its personality, appearance and character:

Gouda : This name is perfect for all blond/yellow or beige hamsters and cheese lovers.

Roller : Roll is round, round and white with a few touches of other colors. Sushi can also work with this description.

Seed : Very small, rather dark, it is adorable with a strong personality.

Obscure : Obscure is rather calm, discreet and of course dark. He loves the night and spends most of his waking time while you try to sleep.

Eight : Here’s a hamster that never stops moving. In reference to the roller coaster, your pet jumps everywhere and runs errands with himself or his friends all the time. Untiring Eight!

Bunny : Your hamster is grey, likes carrots, has very straight ears and looks like a miniature rabbit? Bunny is the perfect name for him!

If none of the above names made you flash, then here are some little bonus names for you :

  • Rocky
  • Coca
  • Buddha
  • Munch
  • Chris
  • Pancho
  • Billy

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