What are the recommended foods for hamsters?

Food of hamsters

Here is a non-exhaustive list of foods that hamsters can eat at will. Here you will find some explanations so that you can make your own opinion.

The 7 most favorite vegetables for hamsters

Fresh vegetables provide hamsters with vitamins. They are not a major food in nature, especially in dwarf hamsters. However, hamsters should be offered some regularly and varied as much as possible. Vegetables must be at room temperature.

They must be gradually introduced into the hamster’s diet. It is best to start with water-poor vegetables such as broccoli. With a well-trained hamster, you can give it daily. It is important to be careful that the hamster does not let vegetables rot in its nest. Unsuccessful vegetables should simply be removed the next evening.

Dehydrated vegetables can also be given. They are an excellent source of delicacies for hamsters. To my knowledge, the authorized dried vegetables are the same as the fresh ones. Here are the 9 important vegetables that my hamster loves

Broccoli : Rich in carbon, it strengthens the immune system

Fennel bulb: Tubers and greens should be well tolerated even in case of digestive disorders.

Fennel bulb

The high content of minerals and vitamins can colour the urine, but this is a mild adverse effect and has no impact on the health of the hamster.


Pumpkin for hamsters

Not all pumpkins suitable for human consumption are also for hamsters.

Parsley root: High calcium content

Parsley root

Turnip: nutritious and rich in vitamins

Turnip for hamsters

Corn on the cob: Fresh or dried leaves are healthy and highly appreciated. Do not leave the entire ear at disposal.

Cucumber: All varieties of common cucumbers can be given

Cucumber for hamsters

The 4 most favorite Fruits for Syrian hamsters

Fruits are not part of the hamster’s natural diet. It is strongly discouraged to give it to dwarf hamsters because their digestive system is not designed to tolerate high doses of sugar. Dwarf hamsters are sensitive to diabetes. For Syrian hamsters you can give 1 or 2 pieces of fresh fruit per week.


Strawberry for hamsters

Yes! Hamsters love Strawberry and it is one of the fruits that contain the most vitamins C. Like all red fruits, it also has excellent antioxidant properties. Low in calories, Hamsters can eat it without counting. It is also possible to give the sheets.


Gooseberries for hamsters

Rich in vitamin C, antioxidants and potassium, slows down the effects of aging and promotes satiety.



Rich in carbohydrates, and dietary fiber. The leaves and twigs of the plant can also be given.


Apple for hamsters

Rich in vitamin C, a source of antioxidants and stimulates the hamster’s immune system. Imperatively remove seeds that contain cyanide!

Best Herbs, leaves and branches for hamsters

You have to be careful with the leaves filled with the excrement of other animals, cat urine for example. It is also recommended avoiding chemically grown fertilizers.

It is much recommended cooking the herbs and leaves for 15 minutes in the oven at 90 °C before feeding them to the hamster.


Dill plant

Contains many vitamins, helps to avoid indigestion and is antispasmodic.

Basil leaves

basil leaves for hamsters

Anti-spasmodic, appetizing and soothing. Be careful, basil not produced by organic farming represents a great risk because the pesticides used in conventional agriculture are highly carcinogenic for such small animals.


Chamomille flower

Has a positive effect in case of digestive disorders and respiratory disease

Alfalfa Plant

Alfafa plant

Very rich in protein and calcium shoots: Gradual adaptation is mandatory but then it can be safely supplied in large quantities

Nettle leaves

Only in dried form, acts as a diuretic

Grains and seeds for hamsters

You can give the seeds as they are or make them germinate. Seed sprouts are an excellent source of vitamins and energy for hamsters. It is very simple to germinate seeds / grains:

  • soak the seeds for a few hours
  • put the seeds on absorbent paperin a saucer and water daily.

Germs are very appreciated, especially by dwarf hamsters. There are some favorites seeds for hamsters:

  • alpine skipper
  • Amaranth
  • Cardi
  • Chenevis
  • Carrot seeds
  • Thistle seeds
  • Fennel seeds
  • Radiation seeds
  • Millet (all kinds)
  • Niger
  • Poppy
  • Blue poppy
  • Perilla
  • Rye: Recommended for diabetic hamsters, it tends to improve glucose tolerance.

Animal proteins for hamsters

Hamsters need protein. You can give it to your hamster in several forms:
You can give, for example, a small piece of white ham to your hamster. It is also possible to give your hamster’flour worms’ (which can be found in fishing shops). The flour worm is alive, but care must be taken to ensure that the hamster bites it enough to die instantly. To avoid any doubt, you can cut the worm in half just before giving it to your hamster. Finally, you can give your hamster some dog food, which contains a lot of protein.
It is advisable to give your hamster a little meat at least once a week. There are some favorite Animal proteins that your hamster will love;

  • Shrimp: untreated, dried.
  • Cricket: live and dried
  • Flour worms: quite fat. Dry or alive.

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