What to do with my hamster when I go on holidays?

holidays hamster

Leave it at home

During your holidays various solutions are available to you. Remember that the best solution for you is not necessarily the best for him…. Here are some tips;

Take it with you

It is a solution that is thought to be simple at first glance but is actually much more difficult.

Take it with you

First of all, remember that the hamster can’t stand hot or cold or sudden changes of temperature. As a result, a hot country poses many problems: the route where it must be protected from the heat, the living room where often the air conditioning causes colds… It will also be necessary to think about take something to keep him occupied and to treat him, please; do not put him in contact with local animals.

We often think that for a weekend, the hamster knows how to stay alone. Well, that’s not the case. Let’s imagine: you leave on Friday afternoon and return on Sunday evening. Friday evening, the hamster goes out for a walk, climbs on his bars and gets his leg behind the wheel; No one to rescue him. It can’t move. It suffers, can’t eat, can’t drink, and can’t sleep. Or his door was not locked properly; it comes out and gets stuck for a while between two pieces of furniture…. There are many possibilities.

Put your hamster at a friend’s house.

Friend house hamster

Choose friends who know hamsters and who will take care of them properly. It will be necessary to give them food, and all the necessary explanations: getting up times, exercises, outings, etc.

Put your hamster in a pension

Many people propose to keep rodents in pension. Try to find out more about it first, find people who have been to that person’s house before. Remember to go for a walk, before you even drop off the hamster. Check the cleanliness of the cages, and consider drawing up a small written contract just in case.

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